Zeta 1 Ultra - x1 Litre

Zeta 1 Ultra - x1 Litre

Ref: F976


A concentrated liquid disinfectant and detergent. Suitable for all surgical and rotary instruments.


  • Zeta 1 is a 1% concentration, so 10ml makes one litre. This means a litre bottle will make a 100 litres of solution.
  • Zeta 1 Ultra covers a complete range of action in 1 hour when used at 1% (use the dispenser cap to measure 10 ml of Zeta 1 Ultra for each litre of water) at room temperature.
  • Rinse disinfected instruments under running water, dry and then proceed with autoclave sterilisation.
  • The prepared solution remains stable in a closed container for a week (maximum), but if used to disinfect a high quantity of instruments or instruments particularly contaminated with blood, saliva or organic materials, then replace the solution frequently.