Talon 12 VIDEO

Renowned industry-wide as the connoisseur’s choice, TRIHAWK branded burs combine elite materials with ground breaking design to put cutting-edge performance in a dental surgeon’s hands – literally.

TRIHAWK’s Talon range represents the only metal and crown cutting bur with blades on the top as well as on the sides.

A global bestseller, the TRIHAWK Talon 12 bur also features a unique hourglass shape to facilitate an even greater cutting speed, regardless of what angle the bur is positioned at. Ideal for tough restorative jobs, this aggressive bur can cut six crowns in under two minutes and powers effortlessly through porcelain and metal alike, so there’s no need for more than one bur. The talon 12 is suitable for crown prep, cutting and removal, further streamlining your toolkit for reduced treatment time and a more comfortable patient experience.

TRIHAWK Talon 12 burs are currently on special offer with Denka, available in packs of 100 burs on a fantastic ‘buy two, get one free’ deal. This offer is only valid until the end of November 2018 so move fast to get your order in and see for yourself why TRIHAWK Talon 12 is the preferred choice of exceptional dental surgeons around the world.


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