What our customers say…

"Recently I had 2 patients requiring the removal of 8 crowns each, with the Tri Hawk Talon 12 bur I was able to remove all 8 crowns of each patient with only 2 burs! Saving myself at least 25 minutes per patient and potential damage to the turbine."

Dr. Mohsen Tehranian | Dentist Dream Smile Dental Clinic, London, UK

We are loving the new approach you have implement and have been very impressed with the service that has been provided. I feel we can really trust you and we feel special to be part of your business.

Ms R Moosajee | Buyer at Oakdale Dental

Your office team are always polite, efficient & helpful – the company should be proud of them.

Jo Faithfull | Practice Manager The Briars Dental Centre, Berkshire

The order process is easy with Denka and delivery is always on time. Plus, the office team is brilliant – there’s always someone there to answer a query or help you out.

Stanka Silva | Business Manager London City Smiles, London

Great service and prompt delivery of our goods - thank you.

Niki Pask | Cavendish Dental Care, Chesterfield

I have been a Talon Bur fan since the mid 1990s. The long surgical FG burs have since that time been my standard all round multipurpose bur. It is a wonderful bur for use with friction grip oral surgery turbine handpieces and is particularly useful in the removal of impacted third molars.