Precision Bite Registration With DMG Luxabite

LuxaBite by DMG is renowned as one of the most durable materials for bite registration, consistently earning praise from our customers, but what exactly makes this product so trustworthy? In this article, we delve into the advantages of LuxaBite and explore why both dentists and patients value it.

Before we get into the benefits lets look at the science.

DMG Luxabite is formulated on the basis of bis-acrylate and its thixotropic characteristics ensure it stays in place, avoiding flow into interdental areas, while its exceptional final hardness (measured at Shore D-69, or Barcol 25) prevents any compression or bending upon repositioning.

Dental technicians benefit from its ease of use, as models can be securely positioned, and excess material can be easily trimmed using specialized milling tools. Moreover, LuxaBite is odorless and tasteless, enhancing patient comfort during application.

DMG’s LuxaBite offers several benefits to Dental Practitioners that improves accuracy and reduces precious time, including:

Superior Hardness: LuxaBite exhibits exceptional final hardness, effectively resisting compression or flexing during repositioning, thus ensuring precise bite registration.

Thixotropic Nature: LuxaBite's thixotropic properties prevent material flow into interdental spaces, maintaining precise registration without distortion.

Torsion-Free Implant Impressions: LuxaBite allows implantologists to securely affix multiple impression posts, facilitating torsion-free implant impressions for precise implant placement.

User-Friendly for Dental Technicians: Dental technicians find LuxaBite easy to work with, as models can be securely positioned, and excess material can be effortlessly removed using cross-toothed milling cutters.

Odorless and Flavorless: LuxaBite lacks odor and taste, enhancing patient comfort during application.

Versatility: LuxaBite is suitable for a wide range of dental procedures requiring accurate bite registration, including crown and bridge work, denture fabrication, and orthodontic treatments.

Consistent Performance: As a reputable dental materials manufacturer, DMG ensures the consistent performance and quality of LuxaBite, making it a preferred choice among dental professionals for precise and reliable bite registration in various clinical applications.

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