TBR Dental Implants

Z1 Implant Range is the result of 15 years of innovative research

DENKA is incredibly excited to be the exclusive UK distributor of TBR implant systems and look forward to providing you with the very latest in dental implant technology and instruments.

Benefits of Z1 implants

The one-of-a-kind combination of zirconia and titanium is the reason why the Z1 system can achieve unmatched clinical outcomes, outclassing traditional bone level implants in terms of patient ergonomics and final aesthetics. Thanks to the zirconia emergence of the Z1, the implants is provided with a unique protective shield that protects both the crestal bone and gingiva, reducing the risk of iatrogenic inflammation or infection.

  • Versatile

    The philosophy of the Z1 is clear: it perfectly suits every kind of anatomy. It is the only tissue level implant that adapts selected materials, zirconia and titanium, to the surrounding tissue.

  • Economical

    TBR implants are constructed using high quality materials and engineered to exacting standards. This means that TBR are a cost effective solution to other implant brands, delivering greater profit, less chairtime and excellent patient satisfaction.

  • Surgical Comfort

    TBR implants provide greater comfort to practitioners with 1 stage surgery, no healing screw and visiability of the connection. Z1 is universal and can suit all types of prosthetic restoration.

  • Proven Application

    TBR implants are made from pure titanium and Y-TZP Zirconia and have been created using proven technology to deliver optimum comfort and performance. Adapted to all prosthetics solutions with a success rate of 98.6%*.

  • Patient Comfort

    TBR implants are ideal for post-extraction and deliver an immediate aesthetic result to patients. Patient care is paramount and the Z1 range delivers excellent anti-bacterial shield and comfort to patients.

  • Innovation

    TBR provides different implant ranges to deliver an easy daily practice of implantology and designed especially to meet individual periodontal requirments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the ZBR Z1 be used in both anterior and posterior cases?

    • Yes, the diameters and lengths available for the Z1 are identical to those of the bone level implants. Except in particular anatomical situations, the Z1 can be placed in upper or lower jaws and in the molar or aesthetic areas.

  • The TBR Z1 is technologically more advanced... It is therefore more expensive?

    • No, quite the contrary. Despite being a cutting-edge technology, the Z1 is more cost-effective on the short, medium and long term than a conventional bone level implant. Not only because of its technical features but also thanks to its ergonomy in use: time saving, less material needed, simplified maintenance etc.

  • How can I deal with my patients' different gingival heights?

    • Easily. 1.5 mm is an average gingival height, widely spread. In case of gingival height exceeding 1.5 mm, the 2.5 mm zirconia collar implant can be used. If the gingival height is between 1.5 and 2.5 mm, the 1.5 mm zirconia collar should be selected and there will be an aesthetic continuity between the ceramics of the implant collar and the final crown, to which the soft tissue adheres. In case of gingival height inferior to 1.5 mm, the zirconia collar can be placed slightly deeper, by using the countersink, specially designed for this purpose.

  • The Z1 is a tissue-level implant that requires only 1 surgery. Does it require specific knowledge?

    • No. If necessary, you will be able to benefit from clinical cases dedicated to the Z1 implant and also expert advice from our teams.

  • As the Z1 implant combines two different materials, does that mean that it is more fragile?

    • No. The pure titanium body and the zirconia collar constitute one single piece. It is impossible to disassemble the two materials. The Z1 successfully passed all the mecanical tests that are mandatory before marketing a medical device in Europe, in the USA and in more than 50 countries. Like all ceramics used in dentistry, zirconia is extremely resistant to compression and can support torques that are three times higher than the value needed to place an implant. As a reminder, a Z1 has to be inserted with a maximal torque of 45 N.cm.

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