Choosing the right treatment table

Choosing the right treatment table for your clinic

Whether it’s a new treatment table you need for general practice or a speciality Bobath for a neurological treatment, it’s important to choose the right product for you and your patients. Eureka Physiocare’s offering includes a full range of Treatment Tables and accessories, Training Rehab Stairs, replacement upholstery, servicing and our helpful Product Specialists are only a phone call away to discuss your needs and requirements.

So what are the main differences between treatment tables? Within the physical therapy field, treatment tables can be divided into 2 main categories. These are 2-section and 3-section tables. While 2-section treatment plinths are ideal for general practice, a growing number of clinics are choosing 3 section tables which provide the added facility of a drop end to allow improved patient positioning while treating. An added benefit of 3-section treatment plinths over 2-section treatment plinths is that the head section on well-designed tables drops down, allowing the patients upper neck area to be worked on.

Actuators: Once you have decided how many sections you require, the next important thing to consider is the mode of operation. The two main types of actuator on a plinth are hydraulic or electric. Starting with hydraulic, this is an ideal choice for clinicians needing to move the couch regularly as is the case in a multi-disciplinary room. No wires, just release the breaks and you’re on your way. Whereas an electric plinth requires a 240V wall socket and is better suited for applications in which it seldom moves around. Due to advances in manufacturing, the high-quality electric motors used on STABIL treatment plinths are far and away the most reliable option compared to hydraulic. This coupled with the manual effort needed to pump a hydraulic couch should be given careful consideration before considering the hydraulic option.

What makes a great quality treatment plinth? A plinth’s a plinth, right? Well… maybe this is true for the occasional user who has other interests in life. Here at Eureka Physiocare, we say that you are the professional, your job is your passion and your equipment is your friend. Spending just a little bit more on additional features can make all the difference in the long run and represents a brand statement to your clients that You Care!

Additional features to look out for in a quality plinth:

  • What brand is the motor, control box, and foot pedal?
  • What is making the table so much cheaper or more expensive?
  • What warranty(s) does the table have?
  • What is included with the table? Everything shown in the picture?
  • What base does the table have? How does it incline and decline?
  • Does it rely on braked wheels or does the base have retractable castors?
  • What is the weight capacity of the table?
  • Are the sections gas assist or ratchet?

The Stabil treatment couches offer the new standard in treatment tables. We look forward to discusisng your exact requirements with you. Give us a call on 0800 707 6212 today!

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