NSK iMax S Autoclave

NSK iMax S Autoclave

Ref: D2374


All the benefits of a traditional displacement autoclave, but effective for the correct sterilisation of handpieces.

28 minutes for an S cycle. 20 minutes for the Rapid S class cycle. Rapid cycles for unwrapped or solid loads.

  • 18 litres - 20% more capacity *
  • Copper chamber provides superior thermal conductivity
  • Low energy consumption
  • USB data logger
  • Efficient drying phase, gentle for handpieces
  • 1 year warranty
  • Separate reservoirs - doesn't re-use water
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Dimensions - 60cm x 45cm x 43cm

* Than conventional autoclaves


  • Rapid 20 minute cycle with drying for unwrapped or solid loads
  • 25 minute handpiece cycle designed to provide effective sterilisation and prevent damage


  • 18 litre copper chamber improves performance and reliability
  • Includes four instrument trays
  • Integrated cycle data logger
  • Single use water system with integral reservoirs ensures clean steam sterilisation for every cycle


  • Correctly sterilises handpieces to help prevent risk of cross-infection
  • Includes installation, commissionig and user training
  • Includes two years comprehensive protection - breakdown and maintenance
  • Option to upgrade to three-year comprehensive cover