Gelatemp Haemostatic Sponges - x 50

Gelatemp  Haemostatic Sponges - x 50

Ref: T2596


Gelatamp gelatine sponge with colloidal silver provides the dentist with an effective, biocompatible product for reliable post extraction treatment. The colloidal silver has a bactericidal depot effect.

  • Fast initial haemostasis

  • Stabilisation of the coagulum

  • Broad antibacterial effect due to colloidal silver

  • Complete absorption


Gelatamp is applied immediately after the wound cavity has filled with blood. To maintain its full absorbing capacity, the sponge is to be applied dry into the wound and should not be compressed. The sponge will fill completely with blood and immediately promotes the haemostatic process. Treatment of the alveolus is provided by placing the sponge, there is no need for further irrigation and, if required, it can be sutured.