TriHawk Talon 12 Metal and Crown Cutting Burs - x10

Ref: T5658


The Talon line of crown-cutting burs has blades on top of the bur as well as

on the side. This allows Talon burs to cut not just horizontally, but
vertically as well, which means they cut faster than any crown-cutters you've
ever seen.

Here are a few other things that make Talon burs so special:

  • A unique hyperbolic (hourglass) shape for even greater cutting speed.
  • A single Talon bur can be used for crown prep, cutting and removal, rather than having to use 3 separate burs.
  • Cut as fast during the last 10 seconds of the procedure as during the first 10 seconds.
  • Cut through both the porcelain and the metal, so there’s no need for more than one bur.