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The Halo Respirator brings a new solution for respiratory protection. Your choice is no longer confined to disposable masks and large PAPR systems that are cumbersome, expensive and difficult to use. CleanSpace Halo is a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system that houses smart technology in a revolutionary, compact design. CleanSpace delivers the highest protection in healthcare while being comfortable, quick to fit and easily integrated into any setting. Our new Respirator uses patented AirSensit technology which delivers cool, filtered air on demand for a high level of protection. It delivers up to 230 L/min airflow for up to 9 hours operating time.



CleanSpace Halo Features
  • 'I was surprised about the high functionality and comfort, how easy it is to use and to breath with it, you can tell that the people who created Halo have experience in the field'.

    Andreas Binke | Deputy Ward Manager Intensive Care

    'I can breath better than with a conventional FFP3 mask and the pressure I feel on the bridge of my nose is much less. I can work with it significantly longer and without being afraid (wearing an FFP3, after an hour of use it's impossible to go on)'


    Mr Tobias Kempff | Ward Manager, Internal Medicine University Hospital of Giessen and Marburg
  • Revolutionary design

    Lightweight device, 400g/0.9lb
    9 hour battery life
    No cables or hose
    No belt mounted battery packs


  • Assured Protection

    HEAPA/P3 protection
    99.97% filtration efficiency
    NIOSH & CE Mark approved
    Water tolerant, IP Rating 66


  • Cost Effective & Flexible

    Reduces waste
    Interest-free finance package available
    3 year warranty
    Compatible with standard PPE


  • Specifications

    Positive & breath responsive pressure
    Visual and audible alarms 75dB(A)
    Automatic switch-off 3 minutes after idle
    Internal battery charging time < 2 hours
  • Care & Storage

    Operating temperatures: -10C to 45C
    Charging temperatures: 0C to 35C
    Clean and dry environment: 30% to 50% RH
    Storage temperatures: -10C to 35C
  • Finance Package Available

    Interest Free
    Total cost paid in 10 monthly payments
    *Subject to status
    *For business purposes only


Frequently Asked Questions

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