Valisafe Instru-Check Protein Test - x25

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Ref: D003


The Valisafe Instru-Check Protein Test protein test is a rapid test that has the ability to dectect residual proteins left behind on the surfaces of hard to clean dental and surgical instruments. This protein test is based on a dye-binding solution used in clinical chemisry and can detect protein residues with 1µg sensitivity.

  • Clear colour change
  • Accurate result given in 10 seconds
  • Suitable for use with your endoscopes, surgical instruments, washer disinfectors, ultrasonics and manual cleaning
  • Conforms to BS EN ISO 15883

Instructions for use: To find out if protein is present on a surface, swab the surface, place the swab in the colour changing solution and swirl the swab for 5 seconds. You can then discard the swab. The reagent will turn blue within 10 seconds. The higher the level of contamination of protein, the darker and faster the colour changes to blue.

Storage conditions: Refrigerated (2-8C)

Expiry date: 6 months non-refrigerated; 24 months refrigerated

Included in the packaging: 25 tests including swabs, plus extra longer swabs if required. Plus one control tests.