Some of the measures we are taking

It’s been a turbulent few weeks in Parliament and with no imminent end to the Brexit negotiations in sight, not to mention the potential threat of a hard Brexit, businesses across the UK are doing what they can to safeguard their operations from the upheaval that almost certainly lies ahead.

The complexities of Brexit without a deal is basically a never-ending story, but in the immediate to short term it’s pressing issues like the movement of goods and the strength of currency that are of major concern to UK businesses across virtually every sector.

Here at Denka, we’re working hard behind the scenes to mitigate the risks and minimize the impact on our supply chain.

We’ve been working closely with our key suppliers to gain a deep understanding of their plans to ensure continued supply post-Brexit, which will in turn support our customers’ businesses with no interruption.

We’ve invested significantly in additional stock of our most popular items, with particular focus on products sourced from overseas, and we’re also fast-tracking plans for additional storage on our existing site to increase our stockholding capacity. With these measures in place, we’re hoping to effectively leapfrog any disruption caused by Brexit in the short term while also future proofing our business – and yours – by making sure we have the capacity to maintain our usual high level of service no matter what the post-Brexit landscape looks like.

Whilst we hope that these measures will be enough to prevent any knock-on effects to our clients, the outcome of Brexit remains an unknown quantity and as such we are STRONGLY encouraging our customers to take similar steps by stocking up on essential supplies before the end of March. We’ll be working hard to accommodate orders right up until the deadline so that your business can continue to function as normal during these unprecedented times.

Of course, we’ll continue to share news and keep you updated throughout the transition, whatever it might be, and on into the rest of 2019. In the meantime, if you have any questions of concerns about ordering, just give our team a call!