Sheryl's leaving

Sheryl is leaving!

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a member of our team, especially when they’ve been with Denka for a long time – so it’s a big wrench for us to bid farewell to our wonderful Sheryl Wanstall who, after more than 14 years at the company, is leaving us to get married and start a new life in Bedfordshire! Sheryl has been a central cog in our marketing machine for a number of years now and most recently she was instrumental in guiding us through a complete and very successful rebrand. We will miss her for lots of reasons, from her incredible organizational skills to her sense of humour in the office. We caught up with Sheryl for a final reflection on her Denka journey…

Sheryl, we are really going to miss you, especially as you’ve been here so long. Tell us a bit about your time with Denka…

I started here in August 2005, so I’ve been here for 14 ½ years! A lot has happened over the years I’ve been here, including a few job role changes for me. I started off in customer service for a while, then jumped into sales for a bit. The last few years been in the marketing co-ordinator role, which I really enjoy.

You’ve got a whole new life ahead of you – will you take forward any fond memories of your time at Denka?

Yes definitely! I’ve got lots of good memories of working here at Denka. When I first started here there were only five of us in the team so we were very close-knit and we had lots of fun – we got away with lots of things we couldn’t do now. I’m thinking about bonfires in the yard and a few other japes! I’ll never forget the day dear old Richard South spilled porridge over himself so badly he had to go home for a shower! We’ve had lots of laughs and made lots of memories along the way. There are 13 people in the team now and the business has evolved a lot, and it’s been amazing to be part of that.

What skills or abilities have you gained in your time here?

What I have learnt along the way, is how to be organized – or at least try to be! I have found that I have accomplished much more through being organised and planning out my days and weeks. I hope that will be useful to be as I embark on married life. Of course, most importantly I’ve learned a lot about how to look after my teeth and gums which is an essential life skill!

Tell us what things you’ll miss about Denka – and what you won’t miss!

I will miss the team! I’ve been working with them for a long while, and we have had many laughs over the years. It sounds cliché but we genuinely are like a little Denka family! It’s been great working in the marketing sector of the business, and having the opportunity to learn so much about the dental industry. I definitely will not miss my alarm clock going off at 05.15 every morning!! Overall I’m sad to be leaving but also excited about the next chapter.

Tell us about that – where are you off to?

I live in Nottingham currently and I’ll be moving to Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, which is about two hours away. My fiancé’s name is Mervyn and we’re hoping to get married on March 3rd. All the prep is going smoothly so far and I’m excited about starting our journey together, and having friends and family down to stay. Though they’ll already know I’m not a great cook – it might be beans on toast for dinner!

It’s been a true pleasure having Sheryl as part of our team here at Denka; we wish her the very best for a long and happy married life and hope she will come back to visit!