Perfect teeth by post

There’s been a hot debate across the UK’s dental industry as US-based teledentistry firm SmileDirectClub officially launched on this side of the pond, having treated more than 650,000 patients in America with clear aligners since it launched in 2014. SmileDirectClub offers patients that chance to straighten and/or whiten their smile from home without seeing a dentist, using home impression kits to create custom aligners and whitening trays, or by visiting one of nine UK ‘smile shops’ for a 3D scan. The company claims that the average cost is around 60% less than braces, and follow-up appointments can be done online – leading some dental professionals to express concern at a potential lack of hands- on treatment and assessment. Eddie Crouch, vice-chairman of the BDA, said: ‘We advise people to think twice before going ahead with any treatment that is carried out remotely, without a consultation or via the internet. What’s your view?

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