More hours in the day: DenkaSMART is now live!

More hours in the day: DenkaSMART is now live!


We’ve often asked our clients what we can do to make their businesses run more smoothly and the joke response is often ‘put more hours in the day!’

So we thought, how can we make that happen?

Many of the dentists and practice managers we spoke to said that keeping on top of stock ordering and inventory management was swallowing up many hours each week – hours they’d rather spend on patient care.

Thus, the idea for DenkaSMART was born. Of course, we can’t literally put more hours in the day, but we can give you back some of the hours you spend on laborious tasks like ordering supplies.

So we listened, and we brainstormed, and we researched, and finally, we invested in software to take the legwork out of these tasks. And we’re proud to say that the result, DenkaSMART, is now live and ready to use!


So how does it work?

DenkaSMART uses artificial intelligence software to ‘learn’ which products you use most, and how often you order. The more you interact with the system via the simple to use interface, the more accurately it can anticipate your needs.

DenkaSMART uses this information to auto-generate your future orders, so instead of searching or browsing to compile your order, we’ll do it for you. You’ll receive your suggested order by email, so you can simply check and amend or approve it, and click to confirm (with next day delivery when you order before 3pm).

You can choose to pre-approve each order before it’s dispatched, or have your orders fully automated so they arrive weekly, biweekly or monthly without you having to lift a finger!

You can even set up admin approval so dental nurses can manage the system but managers have final sign-off on orders, which is ideal if you’re running a practice across multiple sites.

DenkaSMART is totally FREE to use and when you sign up you’ll automatically qualify for a free phone or face-to-face training session to show you how the system works. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and discover how DenkaSMART can give you back some precious time!