Banish the small talk blues

Does small talk give you the heebie jeebies? Many dentists admit that making conversation with their clients makes them feel uncomfortable. No other profession bridges the gap between clinical practice and service industry quite so comprehensively as dentistry – after all, you spend most of your day literally right in your patients’ faces, while they’re wide awake! Having a passion for the clinical element of dentistry doesn’t necessarily mean you feel comfortable with the personal, social side – and for dentists of a shy disposition, putting patients at ease with relaxed conversation can be a real challenge.

If this sounds all too familiar to you then we recommend you read this fantastic article by Dr Lucy Nichols over on – it’s packed with tips to help you build better relationships with your patients through polite conversation as well as overcoming your own anxieties about the dreaded small talk! There are also some great ideas that every practice can take on board when it comes to showing a real interest in their patients, helping them to feel truly cared for the moment they walk through your door.