Stable, Aesthetic and healthy - Dr Carlo Brogna

Dr Carlo Brogna is a highly experienced dentist from Italy. Here, he shares an interesting recent case that demonstrates the importance of soft and hard tissue stability for long-term success of a dental implant.

This 30-year-old female patient initially presented to the practice a few years ago, as she required a partial restoration of her upper right arch. She was missing the UR4, UR5 and UR6, with a dental implant already placed in the UR5 position by another dentist (Figure 1). This had been in situ since 2012.

In order to replace the missing teeth either side of the existing implant, the possible treatment options included a bridge or two new implants. The latter was the preferred choice of the patient.

As such, two dental implants from TBR were placed following a standard placement protocol. A Z1 tissue level implant with a zirconia collar was placed in the position of the UR4 in the full case study here: