Venus Bulk Fill Syringe Refill 1.8g

Venus Bulk Fill Syringe Refill 1.8g

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Venus Bulk Fill is a flowable, low-shrinkage composite for creating posterior restorations with the bulk-filling technique. The material is also ideal for restorations of primary teeth.

Complex, time-consuming techniques using 2 mm layers are not necessary.

  • Efficiency: Venus Bulk Fill permits easy filling of class I and II cavities in increments of up to 4 mm and is eliminating the need for complex, 2-mm layering techniques. Primary teeth even allow just one single layer.
  • Easy to use: Self-adaptive handling eliminates steps and provides ideal coverage of cavity floor and walls. Simple and precise workability is the result.
  • Safety: Venus Bulk Fill delivers a high depth of cure and safety for polymerisation of layers up to 4 mm thick. Low shrinkage means long-lasting restorations. High radiopacity guarantees a reliable diagnosis.