Express 2 Penta H Quick Refill - 300ml Base x 2 & 60ml Catalyst x 2

Ref: Z663


Fast setting hydrophilic heavy body. Designed for both the 1-step and 2-step impression techniques, next–generation Express 2 VPS materials from 3M ESPE help you achieve outstanding impression accuracy and a great fit of the final restoration.

  • Great detail reproduction through superior hydrophilicity and flow behaviour
  • High toughness reduces likihood of tear when stretched upon removal from the mouth
  • Reduced chance of costly remakes due to almost 100% recovery from deformation.
  • A comprehensive portfolio offering many options - dentists can select their preferred viscosity and technique
  • Contains: 2 x 300ml base paste, 2 x 60ml catalyst and DFU’s.