Halo FAQ's


CleanSpace HALO is a next generation Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) designed specifically for dentists, dental specialists and other oral health care providers. CleanSpace HALO offers the highest level of personal protection possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the CleanSpace respirator weigh?

    • The CleanSpace respirator is about 500g (without the mask) and is the lightest PAPR in the market.

  • How long do the filters last?

    • There is no way to determine filter life for one work place without significat air quality testing. The CleanSpace filters have two advantages to assist filter life: the filter is located at the back away from the direct path of particles; and the CleanSpace respirators are breath resonsive, only pulling air through the filters when the wearer needs it (unlike other PAPRs with a constank peak flow which pulls air through the filters regardless of whether the wearer needs the air or not).

  • Will I get enough air?

    • The CleanSpace respirators peak airflow rate is 200L/min with a response time within 0.1 second.

  • How long does the battery last?

    • The CleanSpace respirator will operate up to 8 hours depending on the wearer's level of exertion. The lithium polymer battery can safely receive short 'top up' charges throughout the shift allowing the respirator to be used over a 12 hour shift. Always start the shift with a fully charged battery (3 green LEDs showing).

  • Will I get a sore neck from wearing CleanSpace Halo?

    • The CleanSpace Halo is an ergonomic light compact unit. When fitting correctly, it will not cause neck pain even over long periods of wear.

  • Will my goggles or glasses steam up with CleanSpace Halo?

    • Our customers love the fact that they never see fogging when wearing the CleanSpace Halo. When fitted correctly, the CleanSpace respirator has fresh air flowing into the mask and out through the exhalation valve which prevents fogging up of goggles or glasses.

  • What does the CleanSpace Respirator Kit include?

    • The CleanSpace Respirator Kit includes:

      • 1x Powered Respirator
      • 1x Head Harness
      • 1x Filter
      • 2x Neck Support

      Please note that the masks are sold separately. Spare parts can be purchased through the 'Halo Accessories' page.

  • Is the CleanSpace Respirator complex to use?

    • The CleanSpace Respirator is easy to use - the 'one touch of a button' is all you need to do before fitting the mask and starting the shift. The auto stop/start technology allows for easy donning/doffing when moving in and out of contaminated areas. There are few parts to clean, wear out or break. There is no servicing or maintenance required on the CleanSpace Respirators.

  • How do I know if my mask is fitted correctly?

    • The CleanSpace Respirator is a tight fitting respirator and should be fitted so that the mask is sealed to the face. Tight fitting masks should always be fitted by a safety specialist or hygienist. There are several signs to tell if your mask is NOT fitted correctly: short battery run time, air blowing into the eyes, headaches, overly tight mask (squashing the facial features into the mask), discomfort or facial marks when the mask is removed and/or short battery operating time.

  • Is the CleanSpace Halo approved and certified for respiratory protection?

    • Yes. The CleanSpace Halo Respirator is a fully certified PAPR and is exported to over 20 countries around the world. It is the only EN12942 TM3 (highest protection facotrs for APR) approved half mask in Europe.

  • How long is it before the Halo Respirator automatically turns off (or goes into standby mode) after doffing?

    • The Respirator is designed to automatically switch off the motor and go into Standby Mode within 10 seconds of not being in use. If the Respirator is in Standby Mode and no breathing is detected for 3 minutes, the Respirator switches into Off Mode. In Off Mode you will need to press the Power Button to swtich the Respirator back into Standby Mode.

  • Can I clean the Halo Respirator filters?

    • The CleanSpace filters should NOT be cleaned. Do NOT use compressed air or any other method to clean the CleanSpace filters. Cleaning the filters can damage the filters and risk the protection efficiency of the Respirator.