Daring White whitening strips are finally here

Garrison Daring White whitening strips are finally here, and only available from Denka.

Dentists can deliver convenient, same-day treatment with the strips and your patient will notice results in 5-10 days. The new Daring White professional teeth whitening strips offer a safe 15% Carbamide Peroxide formulation for beautiful results with minimal sensitivity, in an easy, take-home strip, eliminating the need for custom trays. Compared to traditional bleaching tray systems, your patient will appreciate the nearly invisible Daring White strips ability to stay in place, allowing for uninterrupted conversation, eating food and even drinking cold liquids without becoming displaced.

Order the product here https://www.denkauk.com/denka-brands/daring-white/daring-white-intro-kit-3x10-tray-pack

Contact Kasia, our National product specialist on kasia@denkauk.com